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Thinking About Leadership?

Our District Leadership Chair Livya Mitchell, DTM is ready to receive your nominations and applications for next year's District Leadership Team.  

The District is looking for Area Directors, Division Directors, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, District Director, Finance Director, Administration Manager, Logistics Manager, Public Relations Manager, District Parliamentarian, and Chairs of all types as well assistants for all these roles. 

You might think we think we know all the best candidates, but we're pretty sure we don't. We want to know about the hidden gems, those leaders who are secretly hiding out in your clubs, the ones who are ready for a bigger stage. You can nominate others, or nominate yourself. And if you're not ready for a formal nomination, and want to have an informal chat first, our Leadership Chair Livya is happy to do that too. It's a no-commitment conversation.

If you've never thought of being a district leader watch this video to find out why you should consider it: International President's Call for District Candidates.

The first step is to email Liv:  Once you've completed the first steps together, interviews will be in February.

If you would like to read all the formal requirements, you can find them here.


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