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It's Time to Get Trained!

Are you a recently elected Officer? Did you know that District 55 offers training, called Toastmaster Leadership Institutes, that provide hands on learning for Building Quality Clubs, Member Retention, and Achieving Club Success. There will be officer breakouts to address the duties and responsibilities of club officers as well as special Advanced Club Officers training for seasoned Toastmasters to share and discuss creative approaches to solving the problems that many clubs face.

This is your opportunity to find out the answers to all the questions you've been asked or asking since you became an officer. It's also a chance to share your best practices with your fellow officers and if you attend the whole session, you will get Officer Training Credit for your Club to earn that DCP point!

Don't miss the opportunity! Check all the dates for training, and sign up to further your Toastmasters journey.

1 Comment

Jul 28, 2023

Is it still possible to RVSP for tomorrows training on July 29th? Thanks,Joseph Pinedo Metro Toastmasters

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