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How to apply for D55 Toastmasters Leadership Positions

It’s that time of year again. Time to consider applying for a leadership role in District 55 Toastmasters. Did you know that you must serve as a District Leader in order to achieve a DTM? You can start gathering information for making your decision by visiting our District website at

The first step up the District Leadership ladder is Area Director. If you have already served in Club Leadership and want to expand your horizons, consider applying to be an Area Director. Already completed a year as Area Director? Try your hand at Division Director.

Applicants must complete two forms (application and release) and submit them to me, the DLC Chair at, the District Administration Manager at ,and copy the District Director at

All applicants must also submit a high-resolution headshot.

Remember to submit: 1. Candidate Application Form

3. High Resolution Headshot

Elected Positions

· District Director (elected)

· Program Quality Director (elected)

· Club Growth Director (elected)

· Division Director (elected)

All other roles listed on the website are appointed by the incoming District Director.

If you meet the requirements (listed in the Candidate Application Form) and are interested in serving in one of the elected positions, you must complete the forms listed above. Plus, either submit a nomination form (you can nominate yourself) or have one submitted on your behalf AND submit a leadership biography.

Nominating and Election Process

Once the District Leadership Committee has identified prospective candidates for each office, we convene to identify those candidates who we will recommend to move forward. Candidates follow a rigorous interview process for each elected position. Once candidates are selected, we present a report to the District Director with our recommendations. The new District Team is elected during the business meeting at the Annual Spring Conference to be held in late April 2023. The new team begins their duties on July 1, 2023.

For a detailed explanation of each role and how they fit together, read the District Leadership Handbook.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me at I look forward to speaking with you.

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Unknown member
Jan 01, 2023

Thank you Wendii and Vishal for helping to get the word out.

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