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Golden Gavel



The first 3 clubs to fulfill all the requirements for a Golden Gavel (flawless) meeting will earn one of these Golden Gavel Pins for each member. The club must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Members and guests are greeted warmly and enthusiastically.

  • Meeting starts and adjourns on time.

  • 15 or more club members must be present (clubs with fewer than 20 members must have 75% of members present).

  • At least one non-Toastmaster guest is present.

  • All speeches are Pathways speeches.

  • Evaluations are both specific and supportive.

  • Participants are positively recognized and awards are given (in-person or virtual).

  • Members and guests all display names.

  • The agenda is displayed or provided and followed with 3 or fewer assignment changes to it.

  • Table Topics are interesting and/or fun -- participants are able to speak for the full period.

Send a completed report by either the Area Director or another District Official to: 

CONTACT: Erica Delaney, DTM , Program Quality Director 

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