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District Leadership

​The District Officers, Staff, and Committee Chairs are here to serve you, the members and officers, and to provide you with opportunities for leadership skill development and opportunities for service to your fellow Toastmasters.

You can email anyone on this page by clicking their picture.  If you want to serve on a District Committee, contact a Committee Chair. If you want to grow as a leader and learn to organize a committee to plan and execute an event, contact a Division or Area Director about chairing an upcoming speech contest or serving on a training event committee.

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District Executive Team
Erica Delaney_edited.jpg

Program Quality Director

Erica Delaney, DTM


District Director

Livya Mitchell, DTM

Yiting Liu.png

Club Growth Director

Yiting Liu, DTM

Vishal Aslot.jpeg

PR Manager

Vishal Alsot, DTM

Kevin Clark.jpeg

Administration Manager

Kevin Clark

Kyle Mitchell.jpg

Logistics Manager

Kyle Mitchell, DTM

Reed Stoddard.jpeg

Finance Manager

Reed Stoddard, DTM

Kathy Moore.jpg

Immediate Past DD

Kathy Moore, DTM

Bill Friedrick_edited.jpg

District Parliamentarian

Bill C Friedrich, DTM

District Chairs
Humberto Vela.jpeg

Club Extension Chair

San Antonio & RGV

Humberto Vela

Karen Archer-2.jpg

Club Extension Co-Chair

San Antonio & RGV

Karen Archer

Public Relations Chairs
Vishal Aslot.jpeg

Newsletter Chair

Vishal Aslot, DTM

Kyle Mitchell.jpg

Podcast Manager

Kyle Mitchell, DTM

Division F Team 
Blanca Kelly.jpg

Division F Director

Blanca Kelley

Tracy James.png

Area F61

Tracey James


Area F62

Phillip Bernhardt

Darla Peek.png

Area F63

Darla Peek, DTM

Steve Urbina.jpg

Area F64

Steve Urbina

Division G Team
Grace Bennett.jpg

Division G Director

Grace Bennett

Columba Carlos.jpg

Area G41

Columba Carlos


Area G42


Bradley Craig.jpg

Assistant Director

Bradley Craig

Eloise Perez.jpg

Area G43

Eloise Perez

Jaqui Rubie.jpg

Area G44

Jacqui Rubie

Division H Team
Dawn Colvin.png

Division H Director

Dawn Trenholm Colvin


Area H51

John Knots


Area H52

Rueben Rodriguez

Bradley Craig.jpg

Area H53

Bradley Craig

Stephanie Johnson.jpeg

Area H54

Stephanie Johnson

Division I Team
Eddie Montemayor.jpg

Division I Director

Eddie Montemayor


Area I31

Mark Stehle


Area I32



Area I34


Brent DeMoss.png

Area I33

Brent De Moss

Sandie O'Neill.jpg

Area I35

Sandie O'Neill

Division J Team

Division J

Barbara Abbate


Area J21


Desmond Calloway.jpeg

Area J22

Desmond Callaway


Area J24

Chris Miller

Brian Thrasher.png

Area J25

Brian Thrasher


Area J23

Brendan Grace

Division K Team

Division K Director

Engie Santos-Robbins


Area K11

Pam Davis

Eva Tweedy.jpg

Area K12

Eva Tweedy

Donna Slack.JPG

Area K14

Donna Slack


Area K15


Neschelle Stone.png

Area K13

Neschelle Stone

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