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Let's Welcome Our New District Director!

DTM Humberto Vela recently stepped down as the District Director and we thank him for his service for the first half of the term. Moving into 2024, we welcome Amy Espinoza, DTM as our newly confirmed District Director.

Amy was the District Director during the 2016-2017 term. She retired from the military and is now a civil servant for the United States Air Force. She and her husband, David, have two grown children and 7 grandchildren ("Grand Loves" as Amy calls them), John, Landon, Amzie, Maggie, Arya, Elena, & Maia, who range from 17 years to 7 months old.

As our District Director, Amy will work with the Program Quality Director and the Club Growth Director toward the District Mission. They, as the Trio, will work together with our other District Leaders to support our Clubs and our Members. 

Here is a note from Amy:

"As your newly confirmed District Director, thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve the District and our members. During my previous District Director term, my motto was:

The 5Cs: Care, Commit, Connect, Communicate, Celebrate. If we remember the 5Cs, we will take care of ourselves and each other!

I still believe in this motto and am bringing the 5Cs back to District 55 this year.

  • CARE - I "Care" about this District and our members

  • COMMIT - I "Commit" to doing my best to help our members succeed. 

  • CONNECT - Let's "Connect" in person, telephone calls, text messages, and emails too - if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

  • COMMUNICATE - If we communicate positively and proactively, we increase our chances of effectively connecting with those around us

  • CELEBRATE - Let's "Celebrate" you & your clubs! Please send me an email, I would love to know of your Toastmasters accomplishments and your non-Toastmasters accomplishments as well spread the good news!  


Amy Espinoza, DTM

District 55 Director


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