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Congratulations to Our 2022-2023 Award Winning Clubs!

The District Leadership Team wants to offer an enormous congratulations to the 39 clubs who completed 5 or more DCP points and reached a level of distinction of Distinguished or higher, and the 23 clubs who won the Super 7 Award (who had all 7 officers trained in at least one round of officer training in 2022-2023).

Please join us in congratulating the 9 clubs who reached Distinguished (5-6 DCP points), 9 who reached Select Distinguished (7-8 DCP points), 11 who reached President's Distinguished (9 DCP points), and the 10 clubs who achieved all 10 DCP points and reached the pinnacle of President's Elite Distinguished.

Congratulations to the 23 clubs who won the Super 7 Award in 2022-2023 term!

All of these awards come with physical prizes that will be presented to the previous term’s officers at the Winter TLI in Austin, Winter TLI in San Antonio, and/or the District Conference in May in Corpus Christi (so make sure to register for one of these events, once available, to pick up your award). For more details on what the prizes are (they are the same this year as they were last year for these categories), visit the updated promotions page on the website.

Want to see your club’s name on this list next year or are you interested to see what other awards you and your club can win? Go check out the promotions page to learn more!


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