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Master Speakers of Austin

Master Speakers of Austin (MSA) is an an advanced club that focuses on the craft of excellent public speaking. In order to do this, we focus on feedback -- LOTS OF IT! In addition to being speakers and leaders, our members are coaches, writers, poets, singers, actors, and comedians. Each member is encouraged to achieve his or her own dream.​


The primary vehicle that MSA employs to help its members achieve their dreams is feedback -- and lots of it! Our evaluations dig deeper than those in a regular club. Each speaker is given six evaluations, two each on content, delivery, and impact. A seventh evaluation will focus on the project's goal from a Toastmasters manual, if desired.

Many of our members choose to compete in contests and we support them throughout the process. Some of our competition successes are listed in our Winner's Circle. Our members also serve as contest volunteers, as TLI and COT speakers and volunteers, and many have experience in District leadership roles.

To learn more about what makes Master Speakers unique, read our Member Testimonials.

Criteria for Joining

Admission to MSA is either by invitation or audition. We expect prospective members to have earned at least a CC award before acceptance into the club. Though not strictly enforced, we recommend that members participate in at least one regular club in addition to MSA. We invite prospective members to visit a meeting before committing to join. 

Prospective members for MSA should be motivated toward excellence (but not perfection!) and professionalism in their speaking endeavors. Essential characteristics for joining MSA are being growth oriented and willing to do whatever it takes to grow toward your dream, even when it might be uncomfortable. We give much to our members, but we also expect a high level of commitment to the club and to supporting the growth of other club members. 

Places, Dates, and Times

MSA meets in north Austin on the first Monday evening of each month for 2 hours and in south Austin on the third Saturday afternoon of each month for 3 hours. Specific details are available on our website

Need More Information?

To obtain more information, contact any current officer:

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