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Being A Successful Club

Clubs can be successful in many ways. One approach is to set goals and then create and implement a plan to meet those goals.

Toastmasters International has defined goals in four areas as an aid in achieving success:

  1. Education: members achieving education awards

  2. Membership: adding new members and keeping membership at a high level

  3. Training: club officers attend training

  4. Administrative: completing administrative tasks on time

A set of 10 goals plus a membership level requirement are defined in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). The Club Success Plan (CSP), when completed by the Club's officer team at the beginning of the Toastmaster year, July 1, becomes a document for defining HOW a club will reach the goals outlined in the DCP. Completing the CSP helps the officer team focus their efforts and the efforts of the club as a whole during their term in office. In particular, the Club Success Plan represents the club's stated criteria in defining success for the club in the Distinguished Club Program. 

After the Club Success Plan is completed, the club's officer team is encouraged to share the plan with all of the club's members, to keep a copy of the plan in the club's records, and to review progress toward achieving goals on a regular basis. 

Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan

Details about these two elements can be found in the Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan booklet which is available as a hard copy from the Toastmasters Store (Item 1111) and as a free PDF download. The DCP is described, and the CSP portion is a template / form that the officer team can fill out during the planning process.

How to Be a Distinguished Club

A terrific tool to use to explain and promote the Distinguished Club Program to the members of your club is the The Successful Club Series module How to Be a Distinguished Club. The materials for this 10-15 minute presentation available from the Toastmasters Store (Item 299) as a free digital download include a script, a PowerPoint presentation and a copy of Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan booklet.

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